digressions from meandering

The engine behind this website becomes KIN itself. Again. 27-Aug-2011 12:44 PM

Yes, it has happened once already when I have released the c++-based web development monster for a speedy development of trivial pages that are better off as a static html. It worked well for a while (and I even have some enhancements never pushed to the public, though I don't think anyone ever used it, anyway). Then I have changed my mind about a year ago and simplified the code further, gaining more freedom and freeing more resources.

Now I've found some time to release this new template preprocessor to the innocent public that doesn't need it again. But do pretend and make the tinimalistic preprocessor feel welcome, even if it's not.

Meet the cliche.


This page is a work of fiction and is intended to be viewed for depression purpose only. All characters and incidents mentioned or not are fictional, any resemblance to the actual companies, incidents, or persons living or dead is unintended and purely coincidental. Note: This disclaimer is also fictitious.
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born on the 28th of February