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PumpKIN goes OSX 11-Dec-2012 10:18 PM

I've done a lot of windows programming when I was using the system. I've been creating things I needed back then. Then I moved to use mostly (and then almost exclusively) linux and continued creating things I needed there. I still use linux a lot, of course, but I've also added another system to my everyday life (which, I must admit, I like) — Mac OS X.

I have to admit, there's no particular need in TFTP server and client on OS X, since it has command line tools for these needs, but still sometimes it is more convenient to fire up a nice GUI, especially when it comes to the server.

Anyway, to expand my horizons, learn a bit about the platform I use, dig a bit deeper into Objective-C, etc. I have ported the well-known PumpKIN TFTP daemon to Mac. (Icons were the hardest part).

This is the very 0.0 version, but it seems to work. And feedback is appreciated if anyone cares to try.


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