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Baby you can drive my car 19-May-2011 09:54 AM

If you (like me) happen to look for property, or just want to visualize positional relationship of whatever and some preselected point, you can get as lazy as me and use the bookmarklet, that the code below will create for you.

After you put it into your bookmarks bar you can select the address and it will send you to google maps for driving directions. Besides, if you're viewing immobilienscout24 property you can just click the bookmark without selecting anything and it will find the address.

You can create a bunch of bookmarklets for your needs. And no worries, it's pure client-side javascript, no information is transmitted to my server (if you didn't understand this last sentence — nevermind).

Hello there, I want a bookmarklet that will show me driving directions from whatever property immobilienscout24 shows or whatever address I have selected to the following address:

 and, BTW, please, avoid highways.

(demental note to myself: I should drag the link that will be added below to the bookmark bar)

P.S. if it doesn't work for your browser, I'm sorry, I haven't tested it with every browser out there. Just let me know, I'll see if I want to do something about it.

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